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Air Tronic Series Parking Heater
King Clima is specialist in commercial vehicles heating solutions for over 15 years, and always take the concept of “ safe, fuel-saving, and Eco-friendly” into commercial vehicles heating solutions. As for the heating systems, we recommend our AirTronic series, Hydronic Series and Airpro series.
Model: AirTronic2000
Heating medium: Air
Fuel: Diesel
Voltage (V): 12/24
Heating Capacity: 2000W/4000W
Fuel Consumption (L/h): 0.1 - 0.51
Size (mm): 310*115*122
Weight (kg): 2.7
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Product Description
Brief Introduction of AirTronic Series Truck No Idle Heater

AirTronic series parking heaters are air heating system technical solutions for truck cabs or other commercial vehicles. It heat the air directly by burning fuel, and then release heat through the high efficient heat exchanger. According to test, 1kw heating capacity per hour only consume 0.1L fuel, so drivers can use it at night when truck engine is off.

The AirTronic series 12v heater for truck included into 2kw air parking heater and 4kw air parking heater, customers can choose the suitable model depended on their conditions.

Features of AirTronic series Parking Heater Diesel
By heating air to release heat, fuel saving (0.1L/h/kw).
2KW and 4KW for choice.
No noise and comfortable feeling.
Very safe materials, the whole units adopt fire resistant materials to keep the drivers safe.
Very safe control system, different types of protect devices, such as high temperature alarm to keep drivers safe.
Eco-friendly materials, in-odorous and atoxic.
Intelligent control system. Manual and automatic integration, intelligent variable-frequency control, eco-friendly and energy saving.
Intelligent temperature control system. Add on temperature sensor, more accurate to control temp.
Intelligent to tell the elevation, adjust power to suit different terrains.
Brushless electrical machinery, long service life and high efficient.
Technical of AirTronic Series Sleeper Cab Heater
Model AirTronic2000 AirTronic4000
Heating medium Air Air
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Voltage  (V) 12/24 12/24
Heating Rank Low Middle High Super Low Middle High Super
Heating Capacity (W) 850 1200 1800 2200 900 2000 3000 4000
Air Flow  (m³/h) 40 60 90 105 60 120 150 185
Power Consumption 8 12 22 34 7 13 24 40
Fuel Consumption (L/h) 0.1 0.15 0.23 0.28 0.11 0.25 0.38 0.51
Size (mm) 310*115*122 376*140*150
Weight (kg) 2.7 4.5
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