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History of KingClima Parking Truck Air Conditioning Systems Development
We have the top-ranking air conditioning systems workshop and technology. We not only produce parking air conditioners by ourselves, but also we choose the superior products from other manufacturers to research and study. Therefore, we have a sufficient understanding of the operation performance of most of parking truck cab air conditioners in the market.
Year of 2018 Till Now
KingClima is constructing on the world market and have more and more distributors around the world. For every years, we attend to the demotic and world trade fair shows, meet our distributors to share, study and study more information about air conditioning systems.
Year of 2016
another two workshops are founded to suit for the large quantities of market demands. And that year, we already have 4 workshop lines, 50 production staff and 30 Technical persons and 200+ distributors around the world!
Year of 2014
with the development of electric compressors industry in China and more and more electric compressors come into service. The technology is matured and reliable in domestics market, so from the year of 2014, our electric truck cab air conditioners are more reliable and cost efficiency. For now, our units are used over 5 years in overseas marketing and failure rate is below 0.5%.
Year of 2010
products are updated again and again to suit for different market, we customize the products for customers. We have some distributors around the world and begin to get more good reputation from our customers.
Year of 2009
deeply research and develop our parking truck cab air conditioners series. Find issues and solve it to make our ac units to suit for the market demands. At that time, there are two problems that we meet. One is to find a reliable DC 12V or 24V electric compressor. And China don ’ t have the matured technology on DC electric compressors, so we have to import compressors. The other problem is to find a reliable control system that can be working under the low voltage and heavy current.
Year of 2007
the parking truck air conditioners department is founded in Henan Province. With 10 research and development persons (R&D persons), 20 production staff and 2 work shops to provide air conditioners.