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Compressor the Heart of Parking Air Conditioner
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Compressor is one of main parts on a parking truck air conditioning system. Today we will introduce some of main features of parking truck air conditioners compressors.

Compressor---Heart of a Parking Air Conditioner

As the heart of the parking air conditioning system, the compressor directly determines the comfort, energy saving and reliability of the parking air conditioner.

Over the past 200 years. There are a total of three technical updates for the compressors for parking air conditioners:

First Generation: Piston compressor

Second Generation: Rotary compressor

Third Generation: Scroll compressor

Development history:

1. In 1830, piston compressors were first used in refrigeration systems in the United Kingdom
2. In 1950, the U.S. market first introduced rotary compressors for air conditioners
3. In 1905, France invented the scroll technology
4. In 1980, the United States and Japan mass-produced scroll compressors at almost the same time.
So the question is, why do many new energy electric vehicles, electric bus air conditioners, and high-speed rail use scroll compressors? This is closely related to its own advantages.
  1. Shock resistance - stable, can withstand the impact and bumps of vehicle movement
  2. Efficient, long life
  3. Strong reliability

KINGCLIMA popular parking air conditioner Coolpro 2800 is using famous scroll compressor in China, and win good feedback from abroad.

A: It adopts ultra-precision machining technology steel scroll, high-efficiency DC brushless permanent magnet motor, and a brushless motor controller with patented technology.

Compressor the Heart of Parking Air Conditioner - KingClima

B: High reliability. Under extreme working conditions, our compressors have the flexibility to withstand liquid shock and frequent start and stop.

Compressor the Heart of Parking Air Conditioner - KingClima

C: The cooling speed is fast and the volumetric efficiency is high, which ensures a more powerful cooling mode and a faster cooling effect of the coolpro 2800 parking truck air conditioner.

D: Long service life, few internal moving parts, can keep the movement efficiency for 10 years without decline.

E: Low noise operation

Compressor the Heart of Parking Air Conditioner - KingClima

Other features of Coolpro 2800 Parking Air Conditioner

Compressor the Heart of Parking Air Conditioner - KingClima

If you have interests in this model, please feel free to contact KINGCLIMA team.

Other Application of KingClima parking truck air conditioner

The parking air conditioner can also be as a heavy duty air conditioner and crane air-conditioning unit. Its wide range of application make it possible for different field.
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