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8 sets of 12V Air Conditioning Unit Export to Macedonia
 DATE: 2021-08-06 13:05:11 SHARE:  

Ready for Loading Eclima-2200 Battery Powered A/C

Recently, we are exporting 8 sets electric truck air conditioner Eclima-2200 to our North Macedonia customers, they will installed those Eclima-2200 in tractors and other small agriculture vehicles.
We are looking forward to their installation feedback by return later.

Ready for Loading Eclima-2200 Battery Powered A/C

Durable package for Eclima-2200 12V air conditioner

Honestly speaking, if you want to choose an DC cooler for truck, such as for your tractor truck cabs or some other small off road truck cabs, our Eclima-2200 would be an ideal choice. With 2200W/7480BTU cooling capacity, it can give a cool environment when the driver is working and improve their working efficiency.

With smart control panel, you can adjust the temperature through the button or remote control. DC 12V and 24V you can choose. DC 24V model has additional heating function.

Ready for Loading Eclima-2200 Battery Powered A/C

If you want to know more information of this model, please contact us directly or view our website:
Mail: Info@kingclima.com 

Some other solutions for crane air conditioning with E-Clima2200

Distributors are invited

KingClima invite distributors to join us, resell our parking air conditioners in local areas. Please feel free to contact us if you want to have cooperation with us.
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