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KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioners for Tractor Cab
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Add on Engine Driven or Batter Powered Air Conditioners for Your Tractor Cab?

Some customers may not add the OEM air conditioners for their tractor cabs, or for some reasons, such as the OEM tractor air conditioner is broken or not cooling well, then they will consider to add an aftermarket air conditioners for the tractor cab, which is one of the most economical and efficient way to have a comfortable working condition in hot summer.

Usually there are two types of air conditioners in market, one is engine driven air conditioner, the other is batter powered air conditioners. Which type is best? Actually, the two solutions are both good only depend on customers requirement and budget. Of course the engine driven is cheaper than the battery powered.


Today let see the cooling solutions with KK-50 engine driven ac that are used for one of KingClima Romania Customer.  here are four main parts in the tractor cab air conditioners: 

1. Condenser:

the condenser and Decoration panel is integrated, condenser is installed the rooftop of tractor cabs, expose outside in the sun and has the gridding to anti-dust.

KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioners for Tractor Cab- KingClima

2. Decoration Panel:

Decoration panel is integrated with the condenser, but is is inside of tractor cab, to blow cool air with two air outlets bring a very comfortable experience.

KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioners for Tractor Cab- KingClima

3. Compressor:

The compressor need to be installed outside of the tractor cab, compared with the electric model, the engine driven model need to consider the enough space to install compressor. see in the photo.

KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioners for Tractor Cab- KingClima

4. Control Panel:

The control panel is integrated with decoration panel, it can be easily to see the temperature and control it with some buttons.

KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioners for Tractor Cab- KingClima

Why Choose Engine Driven KK-50 Air Conditioner Kit for Tractor?

  1. KK-50 tractor air conditioning is cheap price than electric model;
  2. KK-50 is especially designed for tractor cabs, that can suit for all kinds of tractor size;
  3. KK-50 tractor air conditioning with very reliable and stable working performance, and also have the good quality of anti-shock.
  4. There is no need to parking for relax when working in the farmland, so to choose the engine driven, the tractor engine don’t need to be off, just working with the air conditioners;
  5. The KK-50 aftermarket air conditioners for tractor cab have a more cooling efficient compared wit OEM air conditioners;
  6. To add an aftermarket air conditioner is more economical than add an OEM air conditioner.

kk-50 engine driven truck ac units for tractor

Distributors Invited and Provide OEM Service or Aftermarket Service for Retrofit Tractor Air Conditioning

After all, the KK-50 air conditioner kit for tractor is one peace integrated roof top air conditioners, that will need some work to cut hole in the roof, also need to install the compressor and connect some electric wires with the tractor. It is not very easy for the end-customers to install by themselves. So we need distributors to resell it and provide after sales service for local customers. Of course, we give our partners some strong support to help them develop their business. If you have interest to join us, welcome to contact us : info@climaac.com  
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