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12 Volt Skylight Air Conditioner for RV
 DATE: Nov 23rd, 2021 SHARE:  
If you have a van, and want to convert it into a camper van for hiking time. Also to equip an air conditioner is necessary bring you and your family a happy time. Here we can supply a good solution for skylight rv air conditioner 24v 12v.

The CoolPro2800C is most of our customers first choice for camper van convert. It is a 12 volt air conditioner for rv or rv air conditioner 24v model according to different requirement. There is a very small size of opening, which I can say it is the smallest opening size in the world. And we especially designed it for camper van use after studying the market needs to the small low profile and low voltage battery powered air conditioner.  

12 Volt Skylight Air Conditioner for RV - KingClima
Also you may not find another rooftop rv air conditioner have a such small opening size. So the big problem for some customers is that they have to cut a hole on the van roof to put the air conditioner into it.

But for KingClima CoolPro2800C mode, you don’t need to do this. The opening size is 14" by 14" , which is suitable for most of van skylight. Just take off the skylight, and put CoolPro2800C 12 volt air conditioner for rv on it. Very easy to install even for local customers that have not much installation experience.

Distributors are Invited

As a skylight air conditioners manufacturer and supplier, we are very professional and can support customized service for your demands. We welcome distributors to resell this kind of small skylight rv 12v air conditioner in local areas. If you ever has the related business experience or you want to try this great products for a good business, welcome contact us more details.
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