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12V Air Conditioner for RV Application to America Campers Solution
 DATE: Dec 1st, 2021 SHARE:  

Now we have a very great products that we promote in north American market is our 12v rv air conditioning units. These low voltage 12V rv air conditioning units perfectly fill in the market vacancy to take place of high voltage 110V or 220V air conditioners.

12V RV Air Conditioning Units are New Trend for Campers Use

With the vehicles retrofit business promotion and more and more customers like to convert their campers by themselves, to make an “easy to install matters” make it more important. According to most of our customers feedback that in the market the 220V or 110V alternating current air conditioners are very commonly to see, and the most popular type is dometic brands in the market. But there is a small disadvantage for this model is that it needs to connect with outside power and need to drive the campers into a camper park for power source. Also it is not very easy to install for such a large air conditioners.

12V Air Conditioner for RV Application to America Campers Solution - KingClima

14 Inch by 14 Inch Opening Size - CoolPro2800C 12V Air Conditioner for RV

After again and again update and study the market condition, we promote our CoolPro2800C air conditioner for camper shell, or other kinds of camper vehicles use. It is rooftop mounted type only with 14’’ by 14’’ opening size, which is suitable for most of American camper vans skylight. So even for the end-users that has no ability to install ac by themselves, it is also easy for them to install.  

12V 24V Battery Powered - CoolPro2800C 12V Air Conditioner for RV

Besides the smallest opening size, the CoolPro2800C second feature is its low voltage. Our customers feedback that it is very hard to find a professional battery powered rv air conditioners in the market. So we make this model. It has 12V or 24V voltage for choice. Directly use the vehicles battery for cooling and usually it can work for 5 hours when the campers are parking. If needs it work for longer time, customers can also consider into an external battery for power.

Distributors are Invited

We can say this is a very great products in the market for campers use. We warmly welcome distributors to join us and resell it in local areas. We also have some good policy for distributors to help them grow their business. If you are doing the related business and have interest in this 12V rv air conditioning units, please contact us for more details.
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