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RV 12V Air Conditioner Solutions for Camper Trailers
 DATE: Nov 29th, 2021 SHARE:  
Camper trailers are very popular in north America for short distance travel. The trailers hang out trucks or some other vehicles and the trailer is for relax. Recently we helped our customers from America to installed our rv 12v air conditioner.

The model of our rv 12v air conditioner is our CoolPro2800C type, which is specialized designed for all kinds of trailers use. It is very small and use DC powered, unlike the high voltage rv air conditioner, such as 110V or 220V rv air conditioner, the rv 12v air conditioner is more easy to install and consume little power. It uses the vehicles power connect with 12V or 24V battery for cooling.

Most Noteworthy Feature Of Coolpro2800C Rv 12V Air Conditioner

The most noteworthy feature of KingClima 12V rv air conditioner CoolPro2800C is its opening size. We know that for most of campers, it needs rooftop ac, that is meat to cut hole on the roof. No one wants to do it! We update it again and again to make our CoolPro2800C suit for local market use. Opening size we make is 14'' by 14'', which is matched with most of campers skylight size. So CoolPro2800C rv 12v air conditioner you can also called as skylight rv air conditioners.

Other Features of CoolPro2800C AC that Suit for Camper Vans

Besides the smallest opening size of CoolPro2800C, it also has other features that is noteworthy.
  1. Large cooling capacity, 3000W cooling capacity or 9500btu rv air conditioner is enough for a campers use. Of course if you need some smaller cooling capacity such as 3,000 btu rv air conditioner or some other larger cooling capacity such as rv air conditioner 24v 12000btu, it belongs to customized service, we can also meet but need to confirm more information. Please let us know it if you need this service.
  2. Quiet rv air conditioner. A quiet condition is important for a nice sleep or relax. Our rv air conditioner is battery powered type, no compressors noise, very quiet, only about 10db sound.
  3. Anti-shock. We make some devices to let our CoolPro2800C 12V rv air conditioner anti-shock and anti-dust. So you can drive your campers to off road place that you want.

RV 12V Air Conditioner Solutions for Camper Trailers - KingClima

Distributors are Invited

We welcome distributors to join us! If you are doing the related business and want to resell this products in local market, please feel free contact us. As we know that the 12V rv air conditioner is still a market vacancy and have a very bright future in the market. More and more customers rely on 12v 24v rv air conditioners not the 220V or 110V rv air conditioners because of its convenience. So cooperate with us to do a big business in your local ares! We welcome you coming! We can supply you the OEM market and Aftermarket market for your demands!
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