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Why More Customers Install a 12V Small AC for Caravan ?
 DATE: Feb 8th, 2022 SHARE:  
Compared with the 110V or 220V voltage rv air conditioners, to add an small battery powered 12V 24V air conditioners in a campers or camper vans are more easy for some of customers to realize. KingClima supply caravan air conditioners with 12V or 24V voltage which only needs 14 inch by 14 inch opening size in the roof. It is the best solutions for caravan retrofitting when you want to comfortable camper life.

Why more and more customers choose 12V 24V Caravan Air Conditioner ?

  1. Easy to install.

For some of customers vans, it has a skylight on the roof, and the skylight usually is small, if there is a small size of roof mounted aircon for caravan then it will be very good solution for them to save the installation cost. Because our caravan air conditioners only have 14 inch by 14 inch opening size, which we can say it is the smallest cutting size now in the market, so just take away the skylight and put our caravan air conditioner on it.
  1. Low voltage 12V 24V.

We know that for the 110V or 220V rv air conditioners, it may have some limit of electric use. Customers may have to go to a camper parks to get the outside power source. But when you don’t have the outside power source, then it will have some trouble. So the battery powered caravan air conditioners will help you to solve the problem. It connects with van battery for working. But don’t worry about that it will consume all battery power of van. Our caravan air conditioners have the low voltage protection device. And our small caravan air conditioners have a very low power consumption, after many customers feedback the caravan air conditioners can work for about 5 hours, that is enough for a short camping time.

12V camper van air conditioners

To Conclusion

The above two reasons are the main reasons that our customers choose 12V 24V caravan air conditioners instead of 110V 220V. Of course, there are some other reasons such as our competitive price, high quality, long time warranty, fast delivery... so if you have interest in this kind of caravan air conditioners, welcome contact us for more details!
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