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24V Air Conditioners for Street Sweeper Cooling Solution
 DATE: Sep 9th, 2021 SHARE:  
How to solve the cooling solutions for a street sweeper that has no ac? Recently we use our E-Clima2600S 24V air conditioner for a street sweeper cooling solution.

Compared with the rooftop air conditioner solution, the split type 12V 24V split air conditioner has the advantage of no need to cut hole in the roof. Whether choose the rooftop or spit type air conditioners depends on the vehicles conditions. In this case, the E-Clima2600S air conditioner condenser perfectly matched with the street sweeper back wall areas.

The condenser size of E-Clima2600S is: 682*465*192mm (L*W*H); when drivers working, the air conditioner can work and when vehicles stop, it can still working the ac for a comfortable time.

24V Air Conditioners for Street Sweeper Cooling Solution - KingClima

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