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DC 12V 24V Air Conditioner for Ambulance
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Some of vehicle refitting factories will change ordinary vans or minivans into a special vehicles, such as ambulance, armored vehicles and vans for medical transportation or temperature controlled and TV vehicles, office vehicles, leisure vehicles, medical shelters and many other.

But for ambulance, the comfort is very important for patients. And the refitting factories will install an ac system for it. In nowadays, to install an electric air conditioner is more easy, which are the most people’s choice.

kingclima parking air conditioners
Photo: kingclima electric DC powered 12V 24V air conditioners 

Best Cooling Solutions for Ambulance With DC 12V 24V Voltage Air Conditioners

In general condition, the electric air conditioner for ambulance is the rooftop mounted, one peace or integrated type, and need to cut a hole in the rooftop. For KingClima DC 12V 24V air conditioner for ambulance, we recommend to our E-Clima series air conditioners, such as:

E-Clima2200 parking air conditioner
E-Clima3000 ambulance ac unit
E-Clima1200 ambulance air conditioning system
E-Clima4000 large cooling capacity air conditioners for ambulance
E-Clima6000 under ground van air conditioners
These are for the different size of van and different ambient temperature according to the cooling capacity from 1200W to 4000W.

Best Cooling Solutions for Ambulance with DC 12V 24V Parking Air Conditioners
Photo: Best Cooling Solutions for Ambulance with DC 12V 24V Parking Air Conditioners

Warmly Welcome Your Enquiry on Customized Cooling Solutions

In a word, KingClima as the professional and leading manufacturer of electric truck cab air conditioners can help customers solve all the cooling solutions. We warmly welcome your enquiry!
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