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CoolPro2800 Truck Air Conditioning for Isuzu Truck Cab
 DATE: Oct 29th, 2021 SHARE:  
CoolPro2800 truck air conditioning is very popular among rooftop installations. Most of the trucks such as Chinese brand trucks, European trucks and Asia trucks are very suitable for the rooftop installations.

Recently our customer Mr. Monhand from Saudi Arabia, ordered one of our aftermarket ac units for trucks CoolPro2800 model. Coolpro 2800 model has the advantage of easy to install, large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed, which is very good and enough for ambient temperature of 50℃ plus use. The coolpro2800 model we can say is the best products for aftermarket ac units for trucks use.

Of course, if you have a higher standard to the units to suit for a more sever conditions, such as in desert, mining areas, underground coating areas, farm land.... then our E-Clima2200 truck air conditioning and E-clima3000 truck air conditioning will be more suitable.

If you want to install a semi truck battery powered air conditioner, our E-Clima2600S is more suitable, which is usually for American truck cabs.

CoolPro2800 Truck Air Conditioning for Isuzu Truck Cab - KingClima

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Parking air conditioners, or no idle air conditioners are good products with good market. We invite dealers to join us to resell in local areas. If you have interest, welcome contact us.
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