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24V Air Conditioner for Heavy Equipment Solution
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The battery powered air conditioners usually with 12V or 24V low voltage and two types of mount type, one is rooftop mounted, the other is split back wall mounted. Usually the roof top type need to cut a hole in the operator cabs and one of its necessary condition for the equipment is that it must have enough space on the roof to put the air conditioner.

Besides the roof mounted, the split type is more easy to install. It no need to cut hole, but one of its necessary condition is that it must have enough space to put condenser on back wall or side wall.

Here in this solution, our customers from Brazil named Mr. Dofole working as the job tile of operator manger who is working for a port loading company and the workers need to operate the heavy duty forklift uploading cargoes. In the summer, it is too hot for operators working in the cab and the heavy duty forklift didn’t have an OEM ac for cooling. Mr. Dofole said that they don’t want to cut hole on the roof of cab and they want a large cooling capacity 24 volt air conditioner for heavy equipment. With his requirement, we recommend to our E-clima2600S model for choice. Its condenser perfectly mount on the back wall of operator cab. Also the evaporator can be mounted in side of operator cab for cooling air. Mr. Dofole ordered two sets of E-Clima2600S heavy duty ac for their equipment. And with good feedback from him, we are very glad to help him solve the cooling problem.

24V Air Conditioner for Heavy Equipment Solution - KingClima

Not Limit to Truck Sleeper Use - Heavy Duty Air Conditioner Use

Some customers may think that the electric air conditioners is only designed for truck sleeper use, I have to say that is a little narrow. The ac is designed first use for truck sleeper, but with the market expand and more and more customers want aftermarket ac for their different kinds of vehicles or equipment, we develop and update our air conditioners again and again to make it suit for different kinds of solution and conditions. Now it has a very good anti-shock performance, anti-corrosion, anti-dust, quiet, heating system optional choice, air cleaning device. So you can use it in tractors, mining trucks, RVs, campers, forklifts, off-road vehicles, even cable cars.

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