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12V Rooftop Air Conditioner For Pickup Trucks Retrofit Into RV
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If you have a pickup truck and it may have many ways to retrofit to what you need. Recently our customers from Saudi Arabia named Mr. Mohand retrofit the pickup trucks into a RV, which is necessary for Saudi Arabia area need to do is install an ac unit for trucks.

Mr. Mohand is very professional in retrofitting commercial vehicles. This time he get a project to change some of Toyota pickup trucks into RVs for use. This pickup trucks is not very big, a little small, just use for a short distance campers use. So there is no need to install a high voltage RV air conditioners, the battery powered 12V voltage is what he need.

We considered the high ambient temperature in Saudi Arabia and finally recommend to our E-Clima2200 truck air conditioning units and E-Clima3000 ac unit for trucks. For some of his pickup trucks, there is a smaller space in side so the E-Clima2200 12V truck air conditioner will be ok. And for some of his pickup trucks, that is larger, and the E-Clima3000 ac unit for trucks.

Solution of DC Powered Air Conditioners for Pickup Trucks Convert into RVs

For the special trucks or vehicles convert business, our battery powered 12V or 24V air conditioners are very suitable. It has the good performance of easy to install, small size, slim, light and low power consume. So if you are doing the convert vehicles business, we will be your best supplier for the cooling solution. As for this case, our customer Mr. Mohand is a professional person in convert into commercial vehicles. So he has the clear mind of his requirement, he knows the voltage and knows the wire connecting and knows the installation and knows everything of how to install and how to repair. So that is very convenient for both of us cooperation.

Mr. Mohand installed the E-Clima2200 12V rooftop air conditioners on the back of pickup trucks on the roof. There are 4 doors that can open for people goes into. He cut the holes on the roof and fix the ac units for trucks on the roof. The control panel is inside to blow cool air. For this converting case, we think it is very successfully and very innovation to install the rooftop 12V 24V air conditioners for the pickup trucks convert into RVs.

12V Rooftop Air Conditioner For Pickup Trucks Retrofit Into Rv - Kingclima

Other Apply of 12V Truck Air Conditioner Use

Besides to install on pickup trucks, the 12V truck air conditioner has many installation ways for different commercial vehicles. So customers can refer to our other cooling solutions to get some of new idea!
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