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Electric DC 12V 24V Air Conditioners for Port Shuttle Truck Cabs
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Electric Cab Air Conditioners for Special Vehicles - Best Solutions

DC powered electric cab air conditioners have a very wide application to suit almost all of the truck cabs. That is one of advantages of electric cab air conditioners. As long as it has a drivers/operators cab, it can use different types of parking air conditioners to solve the aftermarket cooling problems. Very easy and economical. Here is the solution for the port shuttle trucks cooling.

Port Shuttle Truck Air Conditioners - KingClima Solutions

Port shuttle trucks are usually used for the delivery cargoes from the airport to the destination, and it will be need more time stopping and waiting for the cargoes. When the truck is parking or no idle, the original air conditioners will be off. So how to have cool and comfortable time in this situation?

kingclima sleeper cab air conditioners/no idle air conditioners for trucks
Photo: kingclima sleeper cab air conditioners/no idle air conditioners for trucks 

Solutions of AC Unit for Port Shuttle Truck Cab - E-Clima2200 Model

To install an aftermarket air conditioner is a good ideal. The purpose for the ac unit is parking for cool, so we recommend to the low electric current air conditioners, which can make the ac units cooling system lasting for long time when the truck is no idle. But we should also take the ambient temperature into consideration, in this project, the ambient temperature is about 35℃ - 38℃, then we recommend to our E-Clima2200 model. Its cooling capacity is 2200W, rooftop mounted.  

cab air conditioners for shuttle truck with E-Clima2200 model
Photo: cab air conditioners for shuttle truck with E-Clima2200 model

Warmly Welcome Your Enquiry of Cooling Solutions for Special Vehicles

No matter what kinds of special vehicles you need to solve the cooling problem, you can always find the best and suitable solution for your vehicles. We can designed according to customers demands, only when the amount is up to 100 sets. We have the factory and technical persons to help. Here you will find the most professional teams about DC powered 12V 24V air conditioners solution.
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