KingClima RV Rooftop Air Conditioner For Sale
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KingClima RV Rooftop Air Conditioner For Sale
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Motorhome can be said to be a nomadic lifestyle in the new era. So the comfort of motorhome travel is particularly important. When traveling in summer or some warm areas, the temperature inside the car will rise sharply after the car is parked in the sun for a period of time.  Therefore, the temperature inside the car is a key consideration for many people in their RV travel. At present, the fastest way to solve the high temperature in the car is to cool the car through the Air Conditioners dedicated to the RV use.

KingClima RV Air Conditioners are currently designed with separate internal and external units, which can isolate the noise of the compressor and condensing fan outside the car. Currently KingClima has two RV Rooftop Air Conditioners to choose from.

★ U-Cooler3300 RV Rooftop Air Conditioner

U-Cooler 3300 RV Air Conditioner

U-Cooler 3300 is KingClima's most classic Top-Mounted RV Air Conditioner. Here attached the brief data below -- 

• Voltage: AC 220V Voltage
• Cooling Capacity: 3300W
• Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted
• Air Flow: 480 m³/h
• Refrigerant: R410a
• Weight (kg): 31
• Dimensions: 788*632*256 (mm)

★ U-Cooler3300Pro RV Rooftop Air Conditioner

U-Cooler 3300Pro RV Air Conditioner

U-Cooler3300 Pro has a lower height of only 253 mm, which basically does not affect the vehicle's passing height limit, and also reduces the drag coefficient. Here attached the brief data below -- 

• Voltage: AC 220V Voltage
• Cooling Capacity: 3300W
• Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted
• Air Flow: 480 m³/h
• Refrigerant: R410a
• Weight (kg): 42
• Dimensions: 1056*736* 253 (mm)

kingclima RV air conditioners

The Reason Why to Choose KingClima RV Air Conditioners

1. The outer casing of these two RV air conditioners are both made of ABS polymer composite material, and the weight of the whole machines are not very heavy, which can reduce the pressure on the roof, and make the weight of the whole car better and reduce fuel consumption.

2. The air-conditioning fans have stable quality and longer service life. In addition, the two Rooftop Air Conditioner for RV have also obtained the European Union CE safety certifications, which is more secure in terms of product stability.

3. The refrigerant used are both R410a. The compression efficiency of R410A is 5% to 20% higher than that of R407C. Using R410A can achieve a higher system performance coefficient than R407C. The data obtained on the compressor test bench shows that the coefficient of performance of R410A is more than 10% of that of R407C. The refrigeration efficiency is higher, the air conditioning performance is improved, the ozone layer is not destroyed, and it is very environmentally friendly and safe. For a living space of about 10 square meters in an RV, its cooling capacity can completely cool down the interior of the car.

4. We all know that when the RV is in motion for a long time, the various electrical appliances in the car have to withstand long-term turbulence and vibration, and the KingClima RV air conditioners were designed with the environment of the RV in consideration at the beginning of the design, and passed the military product testing agency in accordance with the vehicle vibration requirements Strict vibration test to ensure excellent seismic performance. At the same time, they have also undergone high temperature and weather resistance tests. Even in the high-temperature Middle East, the air conditioners can operate perfectly to meet the cooling needs of customers and make it suitable for various harsh road conditions and environments.

5. The air conditioner indoor unit can use the remote control to control the temperature, wind speed, switch, or directly operate on the air conditioner, avoiding the embarrassment of not being able to find the remote control during the RV trip. A small screen of the indoor unit of the air conditioner can also be used to display key information such as temperature and air volume.

Except RV Air Conditioners, we also have Truck Air Conditioners and Van Air Conditioners and Air Conditioners for Ambulance/Camper/Boats and so on. Here below attached some application pictures ---

kingclima truck air conditioners kingclima truck air conditioner  kingclima van air conditioner

KingClima van air conditioner  KingClima air conditioners KingClima rv air conditioner

More details please have a check of our website or send mails to us . Thanks for your reading.

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