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DC12V/24V Cooling Solutions for Mining Truck Cabs
 DATE: Dec 12th, 2019 SHARE:  
Mining trucks working under a very harsh conditions and very hot in summer, sometimes the ambient temperature is up to 60℃ in the middle east countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon... So to install an aftermarket air conditioner units for mining truck cab is very necessary for the operators to have a safe working time.

Cooling Solutions for Mining Trucks

Recently we have a cooling solution to help our Oman customers solve the aftermarket air conditioner for mining truck cab, which we use our E-Clima3000 DC12V/24V ac for mining truck cab and get our customers very good feedback. They no more to work in very hot areas to operate the truck.

E-Clima2200 model of mining truck cab air conditioner
Photo: E-Clima3000 model of mining truck cab air conditioner

Why Choose KingClima?

KingClima is specialist in the parking air conditioner field for over 15 years and in our experience, we have different solutions for different truck cabs. No matter how difficult your vehicles cooling solutions, KingClima is confident in this field and will give you a satisfied solution!

Distributors are Invited

The parking air conditioners filed is a very great chance in the market, and more and more truck drivers have a very strong demand on the aftermarket sleeper cab air conditioners. Seize this great chance and KingClima is your helpful and strong supporters in this filed. We invite more partners who are in the filed of vehicles refitting factory or other brands of distributors to join us! For the more details, welcome contact us!  
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